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Pencil or Pen? A story from Writer of the Month Danny Mondrusov
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Here we will find a story by Danny Mondrusov, the current Writer of the Month.

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Alex Dekker wins “Celebrate America” Creative Writing Contest!
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 The American Immigration Council sponsors a creative writing contest for 5th graders each year to raise awareness of immigration issues in America. Students are allowed to enter any form of creative writing of up to 500 words that centers on the theme “Why I Am Glad America is a Nation of Immigrants.” Students submit their entries to local chapters, which then forward local winners to the National Competition. All local entries are reviewed by a panel including U.S. Senators, award winning authors, and noted journalists. For more information about the contest, go to http://www.communityeducationcenter.org/community/essay-contest.

Steppingstone’s Alex won first prize for the state of Michigan this year with the entry he wrote as part of a project in social studies class. He will receive a certificate and gift card to Borders for his accomplishment. Make sure to congratulate him when you see him!
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Odyssey of the Mind: Congratulations for the WIN!
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1st Place, Michigan Region-5
Division-II (Gr 6-8)
Classics Category: "le tour"

PHS (Pre-High School) Students met at N. Lothrop HS (about an hour away) around 10 am last Saturday, March 5th. They took part in a "spontaneous" problem-solving event which constituted 100 points out of a total of 300 (200 points came from their prepared presentation, "le tour"). Winning this competition means they will compete at the state level with teams from all regions of Michigan.

Members of the team were: Allison, Pranav, Evan, Sarah, Milan, and Meli.

The official coach was Maureen (Sarah). The other dedicated coaches were Nancy (Evan) and Bhaghavathi (Pranav). Our two volunteer judges were Kanagpar (Pranav) and Doug (Sarah). They spent two additional Saturdays in coach's training sessions prior to this competition.

The cheering section consisted of classmate George, siblings Rohan and Grace, dad Rich, teacher Keiko Morse and Head of School Kiyo Morse. It was fun to be there to watch the team perform and accept their ribbons.

Mark your calendar to join us in the Cheering Section at the State-wide competition:

Grand Rapids
Saturday, April 16

We hope to have more of the student body, parents and staff join us for the fun and excitement!!

(editor's note: the date is the 16th, not the 26th)

Word Power
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Once students have mastered spelling through the 8th grade level, they enter "Word Power" which is focused equally on vocabulary and usage. The list itself is one of the many collected from past Readers Digest publications.
Occasionally, these students are asked to write a creative story using the words on their list. This is intended to exercise their creative and imaginative powers.
Not only do students have to pay attention to grammar and punctuation, they also need to be familiar with the meanings of the words and their usage. The creative exercise is partly in developing relationships, not only between an arbitrary set of words, but also in a cohesive story that would be interesting to a reader.
Following are a couple of examples of this creative (on several levels) writing exercise. "Shamrock Homes" was written by Melissa, Gr-7. "Bullying Bob" was written by Danny, Gr-5.
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New Campus Ribbon Cutting
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For those of you who missed it, the Ribbon Cutting last Friday was a great success. Mary Engelman, Executive Director of the local Chamber of Commerce, held the ribbon while Head of School Kiyo Morse cut the ribbon in the Son Rm. near the library. Mayor Ellis spoke a few words acknowledging the value of Steppingstone in the community and Head of School, Kiyo Morse, thanked everyone who came to celebrate this "official" grand opening with us.

Among the guests were City Manager, Steve Brock, and Economic Development Director Teri Arbenowske as well as several other city officials and many local business owners and professionals. John & Roda McAuliffe, parents of Steppingstone's first enrolled student, Patrick McAuliffe, all of whom reside in Canton, MI, were also in attendance. Members of the Board circulated with the many guests along with staff to answer questions about the repurposing project and plans for the future.

Most important, we were able to acknowledge Trustee Yong Son and general contractor Sonny Son of Hillside Construction, an Ypsilanti-based company, for their donation of services, which made the repurposing of the school within the budget and the summer time-frame a possibility. While enjoying a light lunch, guests were able to tour the classrooms and discuss the educational program with students, parents and faculty.

Calendar Change
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1st Day Celebration
Registration & Parent Orientation
Tuesday, September 7th

Remember, this will be a morning event for students & PARENTS this year. Parents, you will not need to come for Orientation the week prior to the start of school, and we will have some separate sessions for New Parents vs Returning Parents. There are changes in the Student/Parent Handbook and in the schedules and logistics, however, so there will be some information that will be new to everyone.

We could win $500K for repurposing
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Wouldn't it be great if you, parents and students, could get all your friends, relatives and acquaintances to help you with this no-cost activity to win us $500,000.00? This requires no cash out-of-pocket, just your time and your e-mail or Facebook address books. If we all go for it, we can do it!

To help out, click the following link:
which will take you to the Kohl's Cares application on Facebook. You will be able to cast up to 20 votes total, of which up to 5 may be for Steppingstone (search for Steppingstone Ctr for Gifted). Then encourage any friends on Facebook to do the same.

Thanks in advance.

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In the News Again! Dealership Transformation
We were in Hometown Life in the Observer again on July 25, 2010. Also, to view the latest webcast on the dealership transformation, click here: 
In this same webcast, note Mardi Woods, mother of Austin Woods, a former Steppingstone student.

New Campus Update:
The New Campus repurposing appears to be on schedule, thanks to the single-minded dedication of Sonny and Yong Son. In addition, Business Manager Sandy Blay has continued to move furnishings, equipment and supplies with the help of several student families this month - Zoran & Teodora Jevtics (Filip & Katarina), Grandpa Don & Sally Gaines (Leighton, Natalie & Uncle David Brandon), Jon & Corinne Schlueter (Sandy's daughter & son-in-law), Dr. Morse.
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Reconstruction Update #2
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Great News From ISACS
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Steppingstone Receives Full School Accreditation!

We are very pleased to report that Full School Accreditation was granted by the ISACS Board of Directors. This was the culmination of a four-year process that included a review of:

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